Photo by David Tulis – published in the AJC, Jan. 11, 1994 of The Planet’s original founder, Molly Read Woo, (right) with the the newspaper’s first publisher, Kate Pilgrim.

 A word from our editor, Molly Read Woo, the first Planet Atlantan.

   Planet Atlanta started out as a tabloid size newspaper. I think, when we  published our first issue, in January of 1994, Planet Atlanta was the only metropolitan newspaper of its kind, focusing exclusively on the  international communities within a major metropolitan area. 

   Fortunately, mainstream media has caught up with the trend of  internationalization, and there is more coverage of our more diverse communities in Atlanta and around the world. However – now the nature of the news has changed. It’s almost always bad … The latest car wrecks, shootings, and scandals of the day.

   Now I see so many people in Atlanta – those of us who were born and raised here and those who are new to the Southeast – who are not represented in the typical news I see on TV each night. So now, my goal is to present a broader view of people from all walks of life in Atlanta – Our art, our industry, our challenges, our history and our latest happenings, and how our government works – or sometimes doesn’t work – and all of the other great and interesting phenomena going on right here that we might like to know about.

   So… Planet Atlanta is going to be all about everything happening here – and instead of being in a print format that could only reach 10,000 folks with an issue (assuming one reader per newspaper) – on the Internet we can reach anyone who cares about this city – those who live here, and those around the world. We’re also happy to reach our local audience with regular TV programs on People TV. our public access station in Atlanta. 

   And why still call it Planet Atlanta? Because I believe that anything and everything that happens here, in one way or another, will affect and influence everything and everyone in this whole world … In the Universe even!

We hope you enjoy and follow along and even contribute to this latest revolution of Planet Atlanta, your local international news service.

   Please check back often on our Facebook page to see videos and posts about political and cultural events happening in and around town. This season you can also catch our Planet Atlanta half hour specials on People TV, Comcast Channel 24 in Atlanta, or catch our shows streaming live on the People TV website, 

Glad to have you in our orbit!

Molly Read Woo